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Facebook (FB)+WhatsApp for $19B.  This is the mega deal of the year- so far! And one that makes a whole lot of sense to a few people and no sense whatsoever to the majority. Except for one thing. The few that know have obviously figured out something to justify that monster valuation. I mean look- there is no parallel. I was trying to find out a comparable transaction in this space in recent times and just could not. Read more…

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How Pandora can swing to a profit

A week or so back Pandora announced their FY 13 results and the stepping down of their CEO. It was a bit of a shocker and curiosity came calling. Pandora is a great service and I use it personally – the near pervasive nature of the service is really compelling- available on one’s phone, home or car. So I went around looking for what was going on within their financials. Read more…

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The extraordinary(extended) life of a PC

Dell’s announcement of going private did not come as a surprise to many.  This was being discussed in the press for a while now. Going private is a turning point- not just to Dell, but to the PC industry as a whole. What this really says about Dell and possibly extends out to the remaining players in the industry Read more…

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iPhone subsidies are here to stay

The best companies in today’s world have a disproportionate influence over their entire ecosystem. Think Coke, Pepsi, Walmart, Ford, Microsoft etc-  In other words they are at the center of the ecosystem- having significant influence over their suppliers, channel partners, complementary partners and customers. Even add rivals to the list- i.e. Rivals are forced to adapt their existing product and services strategies in response to moves made by either the company or any of the ecosystem players Read more…

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Instagram’s Fortune or is it Facebook’s savings

I have been quite intrigued at Facebook’s deal last week for Instagram for a $ 1 bil in cash and stock.

The timing of the deal is far more interesting. So here’s a simplistic view keeping all those mega numbers in user base, valuation etc aside for a moment. Read more…

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Away and back

To the faithful- I have been away for way too long but for all the good reasons…. I’m back now and will be posting quite often

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What will iPad 3 look like?

The iPad buzz is starting again. Citi analyst Richard Gardner provided his view recently on an upcoming update ( though not much on details)

Then there’s another one on suppliers struggling with newer type displays

and there are more. I guess a 2012 Q1 launch is starting to look like a given, especially given Apple’s track record of launching Read more…

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What can Netflix do?

The Netflix story just keeps getting worse. The stock is down 75% over it’s peak of around $300 in just a couple of months. Nothing could be worse for any company. It’s simply unbelievable but true! Read more…

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The loss of Steve

Today is a sad day for a lot of people. The loss of Steve Jobs is huge. Just one man has accomplished so much in so little a time. I have been fascinated by leaders and companies who can not only think strategically but execute flawlessly.


Apple is one such company and Steve Jobs is a true icon of strategy. Within a short span he has disrupted entire industries with the power of innovation, branding and a relentless focus on the customer. He leaves Apple as a financially strong company with incredible market momentum and customer loyalty.


His impact will be felt for years to come. May his soul rest in peace

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Amazon Kindle’s the Fire

Earlier today we saw another bold bet by Amazon – this time with Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is a 7 inch color tablet computer and betters the popular Kindle ebook reader in several areas and comes with a ‘tablet’ price tag of $199.

All features apart, and assuming the product is a good one, on the surface it does appear that comparisons with Apple’s iPad are much warranted especially in the pricing department.

Read more…

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