Time to replace the P in PC?

Ten years from today if someone asked the question – ‘what is a PC’ – don’t be surprised if you get some very different answers to the one that you had currently in mind. Now I don’t mean that the PC itself is changing but rather other forces are forcing a transformation

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Qualcomm + Atheros- why this makes sense and who should worry

Earlier this month, Qualcomm announced the acquisition of Atheros a leading wifi chipset maker for $3.1 Bil amounting to about $45/share in cash. Read more…

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Where’s Facebook going?

This Friday came the astonishing news that Facebook has pulled in almost $1.5 Bil in new investor funding, most of that from foreign investors. Though the article also brings up other questions that should be of interest to Wall Street and other potential IPO companies on how to raise capital, we need to also think about a very simple question. Where’s Facebook going with that money? Read more…

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The Power of Distribution or should it be distributing power?

Since my last post on the triumph of exclusivity Verizon announced the availability of the iphone on it’s network. The appears to be a win for Verizon, but what if this was a strategic move by Apple that had been long planned and in the works for some time? Read more…

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The triumph of exclusivity

A recent survey found 2 of the 4 US wireless carriers at the bottom of customer satisfaction scores. Both AT&T and (surprise) Verizon were at the bottom of the list. If the above ratings are valid in 2011, consumers should end up with a similar experience on both networks for any smartphone, unless there is a really significant difference in carrier technology.

It is also quite possible that this outcome is due to consumers having much higher expectations than before, owing to the numerous digital avenues that are available for collective expression – think Twitter and Facebook. Read more…

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Did I really register for that (I)Ad?

Somewhere in the middle of last weekend’s movie- The brave one- Jody Foster 2007, I had to sit up and take notice. There was this subtle scene where the detectives investigating a crime, identify the owner of an ipod through the device registration. Read more…

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Can Netflix take a leaf from Amazon Prime?

I came across a fascinating article on Amazon today around their Prime program. Basically for $79 a year, members will get access to 2 day free shipping for any item on Amazon. What was particularly interesting was not that Prime helped in shipping faster and hence was growing in users- about 4 million of Amazon’s 121 Million worldwide, but rather that each user approximately increased their spend by 150% after joining Prime! Read more…

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A change in the industrial landscape

Earlier this week Caterpillar announced the deal to acquire Bucyrus international for approximately $8.6 Bil. The deal is showing the strategic intent of a new Caterpillar due to the following Read more…

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Can Yahoo come back?

Today’s report on Facebook becoming the 3rd biggest US web property by valuation is really amazing. Their growth has been simply spectacular. But on the same note, I was wondering about one of the earliest pioneers on the web- Yahoo. Can Yahoo really come back ? A lot has happened since the fall out of the Microsoft deal. Investors were really an upset lot back then in May 2008. Read more…

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The mystery phone’s mystery

Of late there has been a lot of speculation about Apple’s strategy with the Verizon partnership. Especially whether the iphone will come to Verizon. The latest edition of Fortune hyped this up even more but was strangely missing on details.  Consider the following. Read more…

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