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Facebook (FB)+WhatsApp for $19B.  This is the mega deal of the year- so far! And one that makes a whole lot of sense to a few people and no sense whatsoever to the majority. Except for one thing. The few that know have obviously figured out something to justify that monster valuation. I mean look- there is no parallel. I was trying to find out a comparable transaction in this space in recent times and just could not. Read more…

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Google buying Motorola mobility- Smart deal but is it a smart strategy?

The big deal Monday morning was Google’s jumbo sized deal to buy out Motorola Mobility(MMI) for $12.5 Bil in cash. Clearly this one is Google’s largest deal ever- 4x their previous one with DoubleClick and >8x of Youtube. At first glance, it appears that Google has overpaid( a 63% premium for Friday Aug 12th closing price) for MMI, or did they? Read more…

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Qualcomm + Atheros- why this makes sense and who should worry

Earlier this month, Qualcomm announced the acquisition of Atheros a leading wifi chipset maker for $3.1 Bil amounting to about $45/share in cash. Read more…

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A change in the industrial landscape

Earlier this week Caterpillar announced the deal to acquire Bucyrus international for approximately $8.6 Bil. The deal is showing the strategic intent of a new Caterpillar due to the following Read more…

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