What will iPad 3 look like?

The iPad buzz is starting again. Citi analyst Richard Gardner provided his view recently on an upcoming update ( though not much on details)

Then there’s another one on suppliers struggling with newer type displays

and there are more. I guess a 2012 Q1 launch is starting to look like a given, especially given Apple’s track record of launching Read more…

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Amazon Kindle’s the Fire

Earlier today we saw another bold bet by Amazon – this time with Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is a 7 inch color tablet computer and betters the popular Kindle ebook reader in several areas and comes with a ‘tablet’ price tag of $199.

All features apart, and assuming the product is a good one, on the surface it does appear that comparisons with Apple’s iPad are much warranted especially in the pricing department.

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iPad 2 – Why now and what can it do for Apple?

Here’s a question for Product Management. Is shortening your product lifecycle a good thing? or not? Apple’s launch of iPad 2 has been quite impressive. But why did they really do this? Read more…

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Leveraging the Halo effect

The Halo effect is a powerful new paradigm that enables consumers to consume more of your product and/or services. It appears to be a theme that is generated by one product and replicated onto another. A seamless connection in the minds of the consumer. Tim Cook COO of Apple talked about that in the last earnings call. How big is this in today’s world for organizations – pretty big. Let’s look at some recent examples

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