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Facebook (FB)+WhatsApp for $19B.  This is the mega deal of the year- so far! And one that makes a whole lot of sense to a few people and no sense whatsoever to the majority. Except for one thing. The few that know have obviously figured out something to justify that monster valuation. I mean look- there is no parallel. I was trying to find out a comparable transaction in this space in recent times and just could not. Read more…

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What can Netflix do?

The Netflix story just keeps getting worse. The stock is down 75% over it’s peak of around $300 in just a couple of months. Nothing could be worse for any company. It’s simply unbelievable but true! Read more…

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Google buying Motorola mobility- Smart deal but is it a smart strategy?

The big deal Monday morning was Google’s jumbo sized deal to buy out Motorola Mobility(MMI) for $12.5 Bil in cash. Clearly this one is Google’s largest deal ever- 4x their previous one with DoubleClick and >8x of Youtube. At first glance, it appears that Google has overpaid( a 63% premium for Friday Aug 12th closing price) for MMI, or did they? Read more…

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iPad 2 – Why now and what can it do for Apple?

Here’s a question for Product Management. Is shortening your product lifecycle a good thing? or not? Apple’s launch of iPad 2 has been quite impressive. But why did they really do this? Read more…

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Where’s Facebook going?

This Friday came the astonishing news that Facebook has pulled in almost $1.5 Bil in new investor funding, most of that from foreign investors. Though the article also brings up other questions that should be of interest to Wall Street and other potential IPO companies on how to raise capital, we need to also think about a very simple question. Where’s Facebook going with that money? Read more…

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Can Yahoo come back?

Today’s report on Facebook becoming the 3rd biggest US web property by valuation is really amazing. Their growth has been simply spectacular. But on the same note, I was wondering about one of the earliest pioneers on the web- Yahoo. Can Yahoo really come back ? A lot has happened since the fall out of the Microsoft deal. Investors were really an upset lot back then in May 2008. Read more…

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